This Makeup-Removing Pad Will Be as Game-Changing as a BeautyBlender

Photo: Courtesy, TIME INC. STUDIO

Just add water! This simple statement probably brings up nostalgic memories of ‘90s TV commercials for things like Chia Pets, or those little gummy toys that grow in size overnight. But believe it or not, that basic phrase is about to revolutionize your cleansing routine. The Face Halo, a reusable makeup-removing pad, is powered by just adding water. Yep, your standard H20.

And as far as removing traces of product, believe us when we say it's like a magic eraser. The game-changing product is a circular dual-sided pad made up of intertwined white fibers which are 100 times finer than human hair. It has a terrycloth look, but is way softer than that actual fabric. All you have to do is wet it and gently work it in circular motions on your face, and that is supposed to do the trick in removing all the makeup on your face.

We were skeptical that this little pad could remove product without the help of a cleanser, oil or not, but were shocked at how effective and soft-to-the-touch it really is. One InStyle editor tested it on a full face of long-wear makeup—think foundation, bronzer, and all the works—in the shower, and it only took about three minutes to wipe everything clean.

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It can be washed up to 200 times, so it's a sustainable alternative to makebeauup wipes that aren't biodegradable. And with that, we're calling it as game-changing as the beautyblender.

You can score a pack of three Face Halos on for $22.

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