MIMI Eyelash Close up - Lead 2016
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In the grand scheme of beauty mishaps, some are more painful than others. If we're lucky, others will share their experiences first, helping fellow beauty girls avoid the same, sad fate. One such hero is Reddit user Aub3912, who shared her unfortunate incident with an eyelash curler to warn her lash-loving friends.

As the story goes, the young woman was innocently using her eyelash curler (as one does) when the unthinkable happened—she sneezed. The reflex caused her to rip out half of her lashes with the curler and she posted the end result on Reddit, noting it hurt so badly she thought she ripped her eyelid in half.

In a show of solidarity, a slew of women took to the comments to offer advice on how to regrow the lost lashes, shown attached to the curler instead of Aub3912's lid. So, you see, when you're a beauty lover you're never alone—your makeup-obsessed sisters and brothers will always have your back...or in this case your lashes.