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Whenever Netflix releases a show’s new season, I throw all of my adult responsibilities aside and binge-watch all of the episodes in one night. When Netflix decides on a mid-week release date to torture everyone with a day job, coffee and a good tube of mascara are my morning starter pack.

Mascara can come just as custom as how you take your coffee, but tons of tubes come in pretty packaging and have impressive claims, but like the hip café that just opened up on your block, don’t live up to the hype.

While there are a few mascaras that have come close, I’ve started to doubt whether or not a completely clump and flake-free formula actually exists. That is, until I swiped on Eyeko’s Lash Alert Mascara ($26; net-a-porter.com) after staying up way too late watching Master of None’s second season earlier this week.

This tube fits all the criteria I look for in a mascara. In addition to a jet-black pigment, it’s waterproof, lengthens, and defines lashes without any clumps or flaking. But, what I love most about Eyeko’s new tube is that it’s it also acts as a treatment, too. A trifecta of biotin, shea butter, and ariginine work together to repair, strengthen, and nourish lashes.

Along with the aforementioned ingredients, the mascara is spiked with caffeine. While there’s no way to tell if it really helped me look more awake after a late night, just like a second cup of coffee, it can’t hurt.