'Euphoria' Makeup Artist Donni Davy's Makeup Brand Is Finally Here

Half Magic has all of the products and tools to create the whimsical, colorful makeup looks of your dreams.

Euphoria's Makeup Artist Has Launched Her Own Makeup Line
Photo: Courtesy of Half Magic

Even if you've never seen a single episode of Euphoria, you're familiar with the HBO series. The characters' whimsical, colorful, and innovative makeup looks by Makeup Head Donni Davy are an unofficial cast member that everyone on TikTok and Instagram is talking about after each episode airs.

Rue's glitter tears, Maddy's bedazzled cat-eye, and Jules's cloud-shaped eyeliner are just a few of the characters' looks from the first and second seasons that have not only gone viral, inspiring recreations on social media, but have also influenced the makeup trends seen on red carpets and fashion week runways in the past two years.

But for anyone who's been inspired by the bold Euphoria makeup looks but isn't sure what products to use or where to start, Davy has co-founded Half Magic, a makeup brand created in partnership with A24, the film and TV company that produces the show. Davy has created a collection of products that are fantastical, yet functional so that they appeal to both makeup newbies and professional artists like herself.

"When the idea of starting the makeup line came about, the Euphoria producers and I questioned whether we should start our own brand from scratch, go under a company umbrella, or do a collaboration with an existing color brand," Davy tells InStyle. "It was most exciting to me to be able to have control over everything, from the product formulas to the user experience. I really wanted to make sure the brand was fun, exciting, and not intimidating for a makeup newbie, but still high-performing formulas for pros like me."

Davy stresses that Half Magic is not a "cool girl" brand, but a fun one. And upon taking one look at the line, anyone would agree. The initial Half Magic lineup includes all of the products and tools one would need to create a customized colorful Euphoria-inspired look. The products range from a $10 tool to a $26 lip kit, and includes eye paint, eye glitter, dual-ended lip liner, lipstick, highlighter, setting spray, and face gems. The three tools are an eyeliner brush, tweezers, and a reusable silicone guide for eyeliner. Half Magic is available exclusively at halfmagicbeauty.com.

Half Magic
Courtesy of Half Magic

Both the eye and makeup products are designed to be layered to alter the shades and create texture, or in the case of the glitter, a base to stick on. But, if you're not sure where to start on your colorful eye makeup journey, Davy has a few helpful tips.

First, know that you have the products and tools required to achieve whatever look you desire. Then, pick a color you love. "I would start with a little bit of color around the lash line, and don't think it has to be graphic like a wing," Davy suggests. "Pair the bit of color with a clean face and a wash of Magic Brownie [Half Magic's brown lipstick], and see how you feel with it. I first started experimenting with color on my own face during lockdown days. I started small, and became addicted to it because it was such a mood lifter."

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With that in mind, let's dive into the Half Magic product lineup, shall we?

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Half Magic
Courtesy of Half Magic

Available in four matte finishes and four shimmer finishes, these eye paints are high pigment and long wear. The matte shades promise water-proof, crease-free color for up to 24 hours, while the shimmer ones won't transfer all day long.

Davy says to use the matte shades a base, then add shimmer for texture before applying glitter. "The color system for the eyes is designed to give you a bold, long-lasting base, and acts like a primer for glitter," she explains.

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Half Magic
Courtesy of Half Magic

The four shades of multidimensional glitter are made up of a mix of glitter in various sides and complimentary colors that can be mixed and matched with Chomaddition. What's more, Glitterpill is ophthalmologist-tested and approved, and the glitter and pigments are eye-safe and promise minimal fall-out.

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Face Gems

Half Magic
Courtesy of Half Magic

Add iridescent crystals, neon gems, or metal studs to your eye makeup looks with these gems. They're self-adhesive, so no eyelash glue required.

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Liptrik Kit

Half Magic
Courtesy of Half Magic

"I wanted to create your "first brown," a brown lipstick that is really flattering and you would feel confident wearing," Davy says of the Magic Brown Lip Cloud. "I'm a '90s kid and although I wasn't wearing brown lipstick when I was 10 years old, I am very connected to that aesthetic."

The Magic Brownie Liptrik Kit comes also includes Sculptitude, a dual-ended lip liner that you can use to lighten or darken the universal lip color with rosy undertones. There's also the Angel Rave Liptrik Kit, which includes the namesake berry Lip Cloud shade, and a dual-ended Sculptitude lip liner with sky blue and matte pink shades.

In addition to the kit, the Magic Cloud lip creams are sold individually for $18 and Sculptitude for $14.

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Light Trap Duochrome Glow Powder

Half Magic
Courtesy of Half Magic

"It's an unexpected blush tone that's bold, but when the light hits it you get a blue tone that looks so beautiful on everyone," says Davy of Spiritually Complex, a violet highlighter.

The Light Trap Duochrome Highlighter Powder also comes in Enter the Glow, a warm rosy bronze shade.

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Dew Lock Hydrating Set + Refresh Mist

Half Magic
Courtesy of Half Magic

Even though Half Magic's products are long-wear, a setting spray never hurts for extra insurance. This mist can be used to smooth finished looks or applied before makeup for a dewy, soft-focused finish. It contains glycerin and niacinamide to lock in moisture and strengthen the skin barrier.

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Half Magic Tools

Half Magic
Courtesy of Half Magic

These tools make nailing any bold makeup look a whole lot easier. The Wing Magician ($10) is a reusable silicone guide that will help you get a perfect wing every time, the Precision Eyeliner Brush ($12) can be used with the guide to apply the eye paints like a liner, and the Adornment Tweezers ($14) help you grip and set the Face Gems wherever you want with ease – even the inner corners of the eyes.

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