This is what you call an icon.

Eilzabeth Taylor
Credit: MGM Studios/Archive Photos/Getty Images

There are celebrities and then there are celebrities. The late Elizabeth Taylor is one of those larger-than-life Hollywood icons that never let the curtain of glamour drop, and for that we'll be eternally obsessed.

RELATED: Kanye West Is Now Inspiring Eye Makeup Looks Kim Kardashian's go-to beauty guru Mario Dedivanovic gave us an incredible throwback this week to pay homage to Taylor by posting a video of the actress executing a super sexy eye look herself using a miniscule makeup brush in less than a minute. We're mesmerized by the ease with which she completes the precise look.

So the next time you find yourself in front of a mirror with your makeup bag and less than five minutes to work your magic, channel Taylor. They just don't make celebs like they used to.