Affordable and adorable.
MIMI New E.L.F - Lead 2016
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If we had to name our top two favorite things in the world, they would be makeup and makeup collaborations. These both fall under the makeup umbrella, but we're really serious about our makeup collaborations. Why wouldn't you want lipstick that reminds you of Troll dolls? Doesn't the idea of Alice and Wonderland eyeshadow make you excited? Now that we've established that, let us proceed to tell you about the next line you'll freak out over. Trust: e.l.f. Cosmetics' new collab is the best news you'll hear this week.

e.l.f made the latest project shoppable online yesterday, and you don't want to sleep on this one. The launch is not with one, but three beauty influencers, and each beauty enthusiast has created their own product. So who are the stars of the show?

Beauty blogger Jackie Aina, who you might recognize from her beauty hauls on YouTube, created a clay eyeshadow palette. Tracy and Stephanie (of eleventhgorgeous) created a day-to-night lipstick duo, which is available in five different color combos. Finally, Weylie created a blush/bronzer palette. She actually swatched it out on her arm in an Instagram pic and it looks like it would create a gorgeous natural flush.

Now there's some good news and some bad. We'll give you the bad news first so you have time to fix your mascara. The collections are all limited edition, and considering how gorgeous the products are, we're sure they won't last long. The good news is that it's seriously affordable—like buy all three products for under $20 kind of affordable.