These Viral Eyeshadows Make the Chrome Makeup Trend Incredibly Easy

Even Doja Cat’s a fan.

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These Viral Eyeshadows Make the Chrome Makeup Trend Incredibly Easy
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As someone who keeps up with the news, joy has been hard to come by recently. I think it's important to stay informed, so I just try to balance the hard truths with full-on happiness where I can get it — which, unfortunately for my data privacy, is often from TikTok.

Lately the app's algorithm has served me nonstop chrome eyeshadow, as gorgeously illustrated by creators like Gabrielle Alvarez and Lana Graves. I've been living for fun eyeshadow recently; even if I'm the only one seeing it, I love the artsy aspect of it. They're like my paints! And in terms of sheer beauty, it's hard to outdo Danessa Myricks Beauty's duochrome products, especially the Twin Flames eyeshadow line.

If you're on social media, chances are you've seen something from the brand. Doja Cat's posted about the shadows and a video of the brand's newest palette — posted two days ago — already has over 102 thousand views. What's so entrancing is how the colors shift in different lights like a magic trick or the aurora borealis; from differing angles the colors slide from one shade to another.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Twin Flames Liquid Eyeshadow

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Those of the Twin Flames specifically remind me of the metallic jelly pens I used to covet in the early aughts, and the same theory applies: If you put any of the colors on a darker base, they'll shine differently. But the extra step isn't required, as I realized while trying the flame eyeshadow look I've repeatedly seen on TikTok (clearly, I have to get out more).

Thanks to the shadow's rounded doe foot paddle, swiping the green-gold shade "sweetheart" across my lids and etching out the flames with a Q-tip was astonishingly easy. I've rarely felt more badass; the shifting colors made it look like I spent hours blending up an optical illusion. The fluid also excels as a liquid eyeliner and mascara topper for a hint of gold. All in all, I'm obsessed, inspired, and feel like an okay Picasso — an emotion to cherish.

Find Danessa Myricks Beauty's Twin Flames Liquid Eyeshadow at Sephora for $26.

danessa myricks swatches
Rachel Nussbaum

Left: Sweetheart on eyes. Right: From bottom, Serpentine, Sweetheart, Angel Heart, Olivine, Obsession, Lover, and Midnight Pearl.

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