Lily Collins: Violet Eyeshadow
Credit: Sipa/AP Images

Nothing has been more polarizing since the great Internet blue dress debate than the eyeshadow that Lily Collins wore to the Fall 2017 Chanel Haute Couture fashion show in Paris over the weekend.

The InStyle beauty department is divided on whether or not Collins's shadow is a light cobalt or violet. Regardless of the actual shadow shade, we love it. Although we may have decided to agree to disagree, since I'm on team violet, that's what I'm going to call Collins's shadow.

Collins's purple shadow is a refreshing departure from the orange and warm taupe shades that have been popular so far this summer. We also love the cool contrast of the violet shade with Collins's red sequined floral dress.

To create the look, Collins's makeup artist Vincent Oquendo took an eyeshadow like one of the shades in Lancome's Color Design 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Finish ($50; and swept it over the entire lid, and fanned it out just above the crease.

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Along with choosing a matte eyeshadow formula, Oquendo evened out Collins's complexion and gave her a nude lip to keep the entire look fresh and clean.