COVERGIRL Wants You to Do Your Makeup in Public

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Commuter beauty is a real thing. Drew Barrymore does it, and if you’ve ever applied lipstick on the subway, in a car, or even done a full-face on a plane, you know you’ve done it, too. And there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, it’s exciting and rather liberating that brands have perfected products that lend themselves so easily to our busy and on-the-go lifestyles. But did you know that some women actually feel uncomfortable doing their makeup in public?

According to a study by IPSOS, 50 percent of makeup-wearing women surveyed said they’d feel uncomfortable applying it while out and about. So to explore these feelings of judgement, COVERGIRL set out on a social experiment in New York City.

VIDEO: Drew Barrymore Plays Beauty Never Have I Ever

For the project nicknamed #ProjectPDA, or Public Displays of Application, the brand sent hundreds of people onto the subways and to vanity stations set up around the city and asked them to apply their product in public. After they went through their routine, the people were interviewed

"This effort is important to COVERGIRL because we believe there is beauty in diversity, in honoring what makes each of us unique, and in empowering people to express this authenticity through their makeup choices," said Ukonwa Ojo, Global SVP COVERGIRL in a press release. "This campaign is a celebration of the many ways women use makeup to represent themselves—however, whenever, and wherever they choose."

You can watch how the whole thing went down in the video above.

So are you ready to clap back? All you have to do is bust out your contour palette.

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