Lipstick is One of the Most Popular Survival Tools, According to This Survey

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Say you're stranded on a deserted island and you can only bring one item. Do you pack something practical like matches or fresh water, or a real necessity like foundation or lipstick? If your makeup obsession comes close to your basic need to survive (#guilty), know that you're not alone.

A study conducted by CoverGirl looked at the power makeup has on 1,000 women in the United States ages 45 and up. The brand's findings? A ton! For example, 65 percent of the women in this age group take more than one selfie before posting it to social media. Obvi us, too. Fifty (or more) selfies later, we got ourselves an Instagram post.

CoverGirl also found that 59 percent of these women felt the most beautiful when they're made up naturally. Clearly, the #NoMakeupMakeup trend continues! But one of the the stats we found most intriguing is the fact that 43 percent of these women say lipstick is the one beauty item they can't live without if stranded on a deserted island.

Honestly, we are right there with you, ladies.

In addition to a knife, matches, or maybe some sunscreen, lipstick has got to be in the bag. While lipstick came up on top, 23 percent said they would need foundation. Hey, if it has an SPF in there, we totes agree.

But let's be real for a sec. Everyone has that one lipstick they literally can't live without. Our survival bag would def be packed with CoverGirl's Katy Kat Lipstick ($7,, Lipstick Queen Eden Lipstick ($24,, and Shisiedo Perfect Rouge ($25,

Wait... Did you say we can only bring one lipstick?

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