Now You Can Customize Your Own CoverGirl Mascara

Photo: Courtesy

You can make your own lipstick, customize your Starbucks drink until the cows come home, and, hell, you can even put your name all over your handbag if you so chose. So don’t you think it’s time to be able to create your very own mascara? CoverGirl clearly thinks so. The drugstore beauty brand has created a mini kit that features mascaras that can be mixed and matched to create seven different lash looks.

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It was inspired based on brand insight that beauty lovers tend to take one wand from a mascara tube and use it with a different formula of another mascara tube in order to create a personalized look for their eyelashes. Along with the mini mascaras—the perfect size for the Pop & Suki Camera Bag—the brand developed a chart that shows you what tubes and wands to pair together. With four wands and just two formulas, you can create seven different types of mascaras.

But you’ll want to get personal quick—the launch is only available at ULTA Beauty for a limited time at $19.

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