It’s getting real, people.

By Kelly Bryant
May 23, 2016 @ 10:00 am
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You may remember makeup artist Tim O from those incredibly fun snack-inspired makeup looks he created a few months ago (we’re talking Funyons and Takis – it was epic). Now, our favorite off-beat Instagrammer is giving us a contour video for the ages, and if you thought using a stiletto had reached the end of the trend, wait until you see what Tim has in store.

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A lot of people always ask what my contour routine consist of... So I thought I'd film it for y'all!!! STEP 1) Grab a stupid ass object whatever one you see, even if it is a dirty ass shoe! STEP 2) Put that stupid ass dirty object to your face, and get your brush of product and buff it on! STEP 3) Don't be surprised if you get dirt on your face, it's part of the process. STEP 4) Grab a shovel to do your winged liner, it's the best way to do it, and grab your favorite liner! Mine happens to be a bootleg sharpie from the 99 cent store. STEP 5) Grab a plunger you know... The one you stick in the toilet, that one! Put it around your forehead to contour that Big ass forehead! It works wonders! STEP 6) Drop the stupid ass objects and just use a motha fuckin brush... Thank you for following my guide to contouring I hope this helped you all! Tag a friend that can relate to my hate on this contour trend 😫 #Contour #makeupvideos #makeuptutorial #cakefacevanity #makeupvideosonly #allmodernmakeup #makeupcoach #skelotim #wakeupandmakeup #makeuplolz

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Clearly over the gimmick of using the most random of items to create the perfect contour, Tim uploaded what might be the funniest beauty video ever to Insta in which he not only uses a dirty boot for application, but also a toilet plunger and a Swiffer. Have we told you lately that we heart you, Tim? But perhaps our favorite “hack” of his involves using a shovel to create a cat eye.

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He’s been pretty vocal on social media about knocking it off with the crazy contouring objects, but the video really drives the point home. Because in the end, all we truly do need is a brush and the product to create the right highlights and shadows.

We stand with you, Tim. But, if we’re being honest, the next time someone uses, say, a banana to contour we’re gonna click. Because we’re obsessed. It’s a problem, we know.