Wait, There's Caffeine in This Concealer? Sounds Like Your Monday Morning Miracle

Coffee Concealer - Lead 2016
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I’m not at Lorelai Gilmore status or anything yet, but I’m definitely perkier after I get my hands on a cup of coffee in the morning. The caffeine gives me the jolt I need to power through the AM (and my commute... and my emails) when all I really want to do is curl back up in bed.

Concealer, in a sense, does the very same thing for me. It masks my dark circles, tricking me (and probably the world) into thinking I got waaaaay more sleep than I actually did. Eight hours without any tossing and turning or weird dreams that wake me up every single hour on the hour? Sure, sure!

I'm fully aware of the power of caffeine in eye cream, helping to increase circulation and de-puff. So in concealer? Essentially my coffee, or more accurately, my morning saving grace of the beauty sphere? Yeah, I mean, trying it is kinda a no-brainer.

That's the science behind Bodyography’s NEW Cover + Correct Under Eye Concealer ($30; bodyography.com), a vegan and gluten-free product that utilizes caffeine to address your undereye probs like puffiness and dark circles.

Besides it being an ingredient powerhouse, the packing is pretty damn cool. It's a double-decker compact of sorts, which holds a correcting pigment to brighten the undereye area, along with a formula which provides more coverage.

I dabbed on about four to five dots of the cream formula with a brush and then blended it out with a beautyblender at around 7 AM. It's super creamy, and while I loved the moisturizing properties, I was really worried about creasing. Surprisingly, at 4 PM, I was still crease-free.

While it's definitely worn off a tad throughout the day, it's still very much hiding my dark circles. I also have to say I generally looked more awake after blending it out.

I can't speak to the puffy eye part (I was v. lucky this morning, you guys), but you can bet I'm going to give it a shot on those days when 5 hours of sleep is a generous description of my time spent asleep.

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