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Colour Pop - Match Gloss
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File this under why red lipstick is always a good idea. According to a new 3,000-person singles survey by ColourPop and the online dating website Match.com, single women revealed that wearing the crimson shade made them feel the most sexy, and that they felt like wearing it in general contributed to first kisses.

While you should wear what makes you feel good, whether or not you’re going on a date, we’ll consider it proof that red lipstick is a classic that’s not going away any time soon. The brand actually used the statistics to collaborate with Match.com on a limited-edition custom liquid lipstick, Mwah.

As you might have guessed, it’s a raspberry red shade with an ultra-matte finish. But the real excitement comes from the fact that $1 of every purchase will be donated to the GLAM4GOOD Foundation, a non-profit that shares inspirational messages and voices, promotes social impact and empowerment, and provides life-changing makeovers.

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And that might be the best reason to buy another tube yet.