Rose Quartz Collection
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Finally! A facial mist that attracts prosperity. After much anticipation—and a delay—Colourpop will release its Crystal Crush Collection on Friday, July 7, at 10 a.m PST.

Consider this a PSA: We're giving you a few hours to set your browser to and keep it there—because we have a feeling these products will sell out faster than you can say amethyst.

As a quick refresher, the collection comprises four jewel-hued sets. Each kit contains priming and setting spray as well as liquid highlighters and lip balms with duo-chromatic finishes. Each of the sets also has its own mystical healing properties. (Just go with it!)

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The Rose Quartz set, best suited to dry skin, is said to act as a love potion. (We're into it.) The Aquamarine collection also works on dry skin, and wil let loose a flood of chill vibes if you believe. Meanwhile, the Amethyst and Aventurine sets are meant for oily skin, and are thought to respectively bring about inner wisdom and prosperity.

Decisions, decisions, we know—it's grueling. But, look at it this way: if you have combination skin, or if your texture varies from season to season, you could always pick up a couple kits. After all, each individual product rings in at just $5 or $6. Go get it, flower children!