Colored Eyelashes Are the Secret to Making Your Eyes Pop

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Whether the craze was born from the mermaid beauty trend or not, it doesn’t really matter. What is of importance is that colored faux eyelashes and colored eyelash extensions are the secret to making your eyes pop.

Think I'm crazy? Honestly, when I first saw this trend dominating the Internet, I wasn't so convinced I'd ever want to add in baby purple hairs or rainbow colors to my lash line either. But as it turns out, besides being a photo op, they can do a lot for your look—perhaps even more than your standard tube of mascara.

Celebrity lash expert and founder of Envious Lashes, Clementina Richardson, just introduced them to her studio offering this month and has already received an overwhelmingly positive response. "The #1 benefit to getting colored lashes is that they are designed enhance your natural eye color and shape of your eyes even more that traditional lash extensions," she tells us. "Colored lashes also help you express your individuality, the subtle pops of color creates a flirtier, sexy appearance."

While you can opt for any color you want and the percentage of colored lashes verses standard black lashes applied, and even customize a multicolored look, another approach is to choose in a way that will enhance your natural eye color.

"For example, purple makes green eyes appear much more intense and also works well on brown eyes to create the illusion of bigger eyes," explains Richardson. "Green works best paired with hazel eyes for a beautiful wash of color, while blue helps blue-eyed girls make a bigger impact and also brings out the natural beauty of brown eyes.

So if you have blue eyes and decide you want them to pop even more, a stylist at Richardson's salon would apply 20 percent of the faux lashes in black and then 60 percent in blue.

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You'll also probably be in the studio a little longer than usual. "Unlike applying tradition black lashes, colored lashes requires a little more thought in placement and creativity," she notes. "Creating symmetry on both eyes is important, it’s an art. Therefore, we tell our clients to allow for 30 extra minutes for a colored lash service."

If you're not ready for the commitment that eyelash extensions bring, you can try glue-on falses or even colored mascara.

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