This New Site Makes It Extremely Easy to Find Makeup That Matches Your Skin

Say goodbye to spending hours searching for the perfect foundation shade.

Naked Poppy Site Launch
Photo: Courtesy of NakedPoppy

From Fenty Beauty to Kylie Cosmetics, the beauty world is full of endless makeup products. Finding the perfect shade of foundation should seem like an easy task with all of the options that are available, but it can be a little daunting. If you're also seeking clean beauty products, then it becomes a double whammy and much more taxing to find makeup that also perfectly matches your skin.

After noticing the need to simplify the process, Jaleh Bisharat and Kimberly Shenk decided to change all of that this summer by launching, a clean beauty site that uses intelligent technology to help create personalized beauty recommendations. NakedPoppy only sells products that are clean and long-lasting, removing the research involved in the vetting process. Everything available on NakedPoppy is cruelty-free, low in environmental impact, ethically made, and free of harmful chemicals. The company also has cosmetic chemists who screen each product to ensure it meets their standards.

"We call it better for you, better on you," said Bisharat, co-founder and CEO of the new site. "We wake up breathing clean beauty… it's the core of what we do."

NakedPoppy Site Launch
Courtesy of NakedPoppy

Through the company's research, NakedPoppy found that 7 in 10 women find it "difficult" or "very difficult" to distinguish whether or not makeup products contain harmful chemicals. And to top it all off, many women just don't know where to start, which is why their site offers a three-minute assessment that evaluates all of the key details to optimize the search for clean beauty products.

The three-minute quiz seeks to accurately understand your skin by asking about your skin type, skin color, hair color, and more. The assessment also features a camera that can take a picture of your wrist to determine your base skin color, providing you with the products that are most compatible for you. One of the coolest features on the site is its matching system— a formula that uses a percentage system to score items that are best-suited for you.

Once you complete the quiz, NakedPoppy's patent-pending technology creates a personalized selection of options based on your answers and places them in your own personal clean makeup boutique that's unique to you. It's a pretty simple process and as Shenk explained, they "take the work out of it for you."

Naked Poppy Site Launch
Courtesy of NakedPoppy

Shenk noted that NakedPoppy knows that skin tone and undertones are a continuum of color, so they're always trying to educate themselves on the best products that will cater to all demographics. "We're constantly out there searching for not only the highest quality, the most luxe, the cleanest, but also products that will fill in a lot of the gaps we see," said Shenk, NakedPoppy's co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

The clean beauty site offers a variety of makeup products from various brands such as Lily Lolo, Antonym Cosmetics, Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics, Kosas Cosmetics, and so much more. NakedPopy also released its first branded beauty product, The NakedPoppy Clean Liquid Eyeliner. The eyeliner came about after Bisharat and Shenk couldn't find a long-lasting clean eyeliner that matched their criteria, but it was a product category users definitely wanted to shop.

Bisharat explained that clean beauty isn't just a trend for the company, but it's the cornerstone of their business. "Every single person we have at NakedPoppy is an expert on clean because it's all we do," she said.

In addition to the eyeliner, the company plans on creating more NakedPoppy products in the future, particularly as they see gaps. As for now, the co-founders want to continue to let women know that clean beauty can seamlessly be integrated into nailing down their makeup look. "We call it better for you, better on you. It's not a compromise," Bisharat said.

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