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True to form, Christian Louboutin’s latest beauty launch will make you feel things you didn’t know you could feel towards eyeliner. Next month, the designer brand will release an eye amplifiers collection designed to enhance the eyes’ ability to express emotions and feelings. They do say eyes are the window to the soul—and who wouldn’t want to put it all out there while decked out in Louboutin makeup?

The "Les Yeux Noirs” collection will include an amplifying mascara called Les Yeux Noirs, velvet eye definers that are dubbed Oeil Velours, Brow Definers, and quite possibly the most exciting item in the entire line, luminous ink liquid liners entitled Oeil Vinyle.

Oeil Vinyle will come in three colors—black, the signature Louboutin red, and a kohl blue—and are intensely pigmented, long-wearing, glossy finish ink liners with a long and flexible tip. Like to the brand's iconic nail polish bottles, the eyeliner will be packaged with a calligraphy-inspired cap that looks similar to a stiletto heel.

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Another notable product in the collection is the mascara, which will come in black and burgundy and features Art Deco and Egyptian-inspired brass packaging with a shiny black spiked cap.

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Similar to the brand's lacquer and lipstick launches, these products are an investment. The mascara will retail for $70, the ink liners ring up to $75 a pop, while the velvet eye definers and brow definers will be priced at $40 each. Sure that's on the expensive end of makeup, but a beautiful investment each will be.