Out of All of Charlotte Tilbury's Popular Products, This Under-the-Radar Lip Treatment Is My Favorite

It deserves more hype. 

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Out of All of Charlotte Tilbury's Popular Products, This Under-the-Radar Lip Treatment Is My Favorite
Photo: Courtesy Charlotte Tilbury

If I was asked to pick a singular hero product from Charlotte Tilbury, I wouldn't know where to start — which is not something I can say for many brands. Celebrities love the moisturizing, anti-aging Magic Cream, TikTok loves the Light Wands, and shoppers love any iteration of a Pillow Talk product. With all the fanfare and hype surrounding the brand, I'm surprised that my favorite Charlotte Tilbury product, Hyaluronic Happikiss, doesn't have the recognition or virality I think it deserves.

At the intersection of a lip mask, lip gloss, traditional lipstick, and lip plumper sits Charlotte Tilbury's Hyaluronic Happikiss lipstick balm which comes in 10 shades including, of course, Pillow Talk.

There are so many things to love about this lipstick, beginning with the fact that there are only 10 color options — I appreciate a curated, limited shade range. These days, I'm finding myself increasingly overwhelmed by endless lip color options; I often don't know where to start and sometimes the options seem nearly identical. So the mere process of picking a shade (I picked two actually, Pillow Talk and Romance Kiss) was refreshingly easy.

Passion Kiss Hyaluronic Happikiss

Shop now: $34; charlottetilbury.com

Once you land on a color, you will be just as impressed with the formula itself — the hyaluronic acid and peptides feel incredibly nourishing and hydrating. Hyaluronic Happikiss is thick, moisturizing, glossy but not sticky, and makes my lips look fuller thanks to its amazing color.

My lip look often involves a few products — a lip liner to help it last, a lip gloss to add hydration, and sometimes a lip plumping product to add volume. Hyaluronic Happikiss, however, is a one-swipe application, making it one of my most fuss-free products.

The only issue I've had with this Charlotte Tilbury product is that it does transfer quite easily — it will leave marks behind on your coffee cups, water bottles, and the inside of your mask. This means it does also require reapplication, although I don't mind that part so much since the formula feels so decadent and nourishing.

I don't know exactly why Hyaluronic Happikiss hasn't caught on the way the Light Wand has, but it's somewhat of a blessing because I haven't had to face months-long waitlists filled with thousands of people. Head to Charlotte Tilbury to find your shade(s) of the lipstick balm.

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