Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights LEAD
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You know those days when someone asks you if you're free after work? But, you know, they've asked you if you're busy at, like, 3:30 PM? Those are always the days that you didn't spend as much time getting ready in the morning. That seems to be the way our universe works—and that is so annoying! In an effort to feel more in control, I have started to keep a little "get ready quick" emergency kit in my bag, for those days where something is thrown my way without fair warning.

What does this kit include? A vampy lipstick and a deep inky black liner from Charlotte Tilbury—proving that all you really need to up your look is a smudge of liner and a little lipstick.

Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights LEAD
Credit: courtesy

What It's Called:

Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights


A chic yet totally affordable black slip dress from Zara or... $49;

What Makes It Special:

This duo is great because it's pretty much effortless. You can go really full on with the Rock n Kohl black liner, or you could just smudge some into your lash line for a little more definition. Then, you just swipe on the vampy, deep, slightly darker than blood red lipstick, which will last longer than your evening will, and make you feel like a bad b****.

Who’s It For?

If you wanna up your game, I'd say this for you. No fuss.

When to Use It:

When you need high-impact glam and have no time.

What the Internet Is Saying:

What It Feels Like:

Both the lipstick and liner are smooth, creamy, blendable, and pigmented.