TikTok Stars Are Returning to Maybelline's Classic Mascara — But Not for the Reason You'd Expect

The results speak for themselves. 

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TikTok Stars Are Returning to Maybelline’s Classic Mascara — but Not for the Reason You’d Expect
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I'll be honest: I'm not the biggest fan of the aughts fashion renaissance that's happening right now. I lived through those years of denim miniskirts, dresses over pants, and lacy camisoles, and now the styles will forever remind me of my painfully awkward middle school years. So when I saw TikTok star Charli D'Amelio recently whip out a tube of clear Maybelline Great Lash, it was like I was back in the locker room bathroom learning to do terrible eyeliner all over again.

D'Amelio demonstrated her beauty routine for Allure, though she doesn't use the iconic pink-and-green tube that we're used to (but as someone who was continually disappointed by the results of that formula, I feel that's a smart decision). Instead, she takes the clear formula — noting that she also used it in middle school — and goes over her brows.

"I found it very, very hard to find an eyebrow gel that doesn't flake off and get little white pieces," she explained in her video. "Clear mascara works really well. [Maybelline Great Lash] has been around forever, and it's never failed me." She's not the only one who's doing so, either: A TikTok review of the clear formula garnered over 162,000 likes, along with dozens of comments from people praising its performance as the "best brow gel ever."

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara

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The love continues on Amazon, where 88 shoppers mentioned using it on their eyebrows. As one person wrote, they've used it for over 10 years with no complaints, and find it better than more expensive products. Another fan commented that it keeps their brows neat all day, and one more said that it keeps their brow filler securely in place. Others mentioned using it as a lash primer, writing that it makes mascara go on evenly and keep from smudging.

According to one reviewer, the formula serves yet another purpose. They wrote that they like it for keeping their "fussy" gray hairs lying down, which qualifies the piece of makeup history for triple-threat status. If you'd like to try the techniques for yourself, get Maybelline's Great Lash clear mascara for $8 at Ulta and Amazon.

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