I Swear By This $45 Defining Mascara When Doing No-Makeup Makeup Looks

Don't underestimate the tiny brush of Byredo's mascara.

This $45 Mascara's Tiny Wand Gives Me Extension-Level Lashes
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I've always treated mascara like pizza. You can get a great slice for a dollar — and you can find an amazing mascara at the drugstore. But there's nothing wrong with treating yourself every so often. Whether it's ordering a coal-oven pie from a fancy pizzeria or splurging on a $45 mascara that will hurt to rebuy when you finish it.

Byredo's Space Black Mascara has a short silicone brush with teeny tiny bristles that I admit I initially underestimated. However, the unassuming size of the brush and bristles ensure that each lash is separated and sculpted with the inky black mascara. Plus, you get a little extra length.

While this mascara won't give you extension-level drama, it is the perfect finishing touch to a no-makeup makeup look. Since it defines and darkens the lashes, my eyes still pop with one or two coats, and matches the soft, effortless finish of the rest the products on my face.

Byredo Space Black Mascara

To shop: $45; byredo.com

I'll also admit that along with the mascara's outer space-inspired name, the tube's curved, phallic-like shape are what initially caught my attention. While it stands out among other mascaras on the market and is a work of art to beauty product package nerds like myself, the curved handle is ergonomic is easy to hold so my hand stays steady while applying it.

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Looks like I won't be making any drugstore runs anytime soon.

The Splurge is our recurring column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are worth it. This week why Byredo's Space Black Mascara is worth it's $45 price tag.

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