By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Oct 04, 2016 @ 2:30 am
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Burberry Glitter - Lead 2016
Credit: Courtesy

If you had asked me a few years ago how I felt about wearing glitter all over my face, I probably would have given you major side-eye. It just wasn't anything I could have imagined someone could make look wearable for your average day out. But I am happy to admit I'm totes wrong on this one, because if you could leave it to anyone to make glitter chic, wearable, AND fun, it's Wendy Rowe and Burberry Beauty. For the Fall/Winter '16 Show, the Burberry crew sent models down the runway with clean skin, subtlety smoky eyes and the most uh-mazing black and gold glitter cascading from the eyes and cheekbones. It's definitely worth getting into, given how easy it is to use.

What It's Called:

Burberry Shimmer Dusts

How Much It Will Set You Back:

Your monthly vitamins or... $25 each;

What Makes It Special:

These pieces of glitter are smooth and not chunky, but still large enough that they aren't just shimmer on your face. Plus you don't need a fixative or anything—just apply to freshly foundation-prepped skin, or skin you just applied a mist to and it will stick. The more imperfect the better.

Who’s It For?

Someone who wants something a little more unexpected, or maybe wants to add a little fun flair to their look.

When to Use It:

When you want a little embellishment for your eyes beyond what is classically the look your go for.

What It Feels Like:

Really comfortable, so much so that you can't really feel it while you are wearing it.

What the Internet Is Saying:

What the Experts Are Saying:

The lady behind the look, Wendy Rowe, gave us her secret to getting this look jussssst right.

"The way to get it right is to not add too much and not be too precise about it. I use Burberry’s Fresh Flow Nude Radiance Pen on the skin first to stick the glitter on and a flat brush for the best results. Burberry’s new glitter has iridescence to it and is the perfect size to keep the look feeling cool. The overall effect is to looked a little worn and lived in."

Now go on and be your coolest cool girl.