Bobbi Brown's Hack to Making Her Hairline Look Thicker Also Covers Grays "Beautifully," Users Say

It looks surreally natural.

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Bobbi Brown’s Hack to Making Her Hairline Look Thicker Also Covers Grays “Beautifully,” Users Say
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The devil works hard, but Bobbi Brown works harder. The Jones Road founder has a knack for developing multi-use products, from the brand's Miracle Balm to the legendary Shimmer Brick of her eponymous line. But as Brown revealed earlier this week, one of her favorite hacks is more stealthy: She uses a fiber-infused brow pencil to not only bulk up her brows, but fill in her hairline, too.

As Brown explained to editors at a Credo Beauty event celebrating the Jones Road viral WTF Foundation, its Brow Pencil is her secret to a fuller-looking head of hair. Because the chubby pencil is imbued with tiny, hair-like fibers, dotting it along her part instantly creates the illusion of thicker hair. And Brown isn't the only one who relies on the method; in January, Marisa Tomei shared that she uses the same technique (albeit a different product) to disguise her grays and make her hair look more lush.

Regular users of the Jones Road Brow Pencil co-sign that it excels at covering gray outliers, especially ones that pop up in their arches. A fan in the process of going silver said it "knocked out" their "prominent, stubborn" gray and white brow hairs in a single swipe, and a different customer agreed that it "beautifully" covers depigmented hairs.

Jones Road The Brow Pencil

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People dealing with another aspect of aging, thinning brows, are also impressed: One reviewer said the pencil's fibers easily filled in their sparse areas, for a natural, not-drawn-on look that lasts. "It goes on smoothly and looks like your actual brow hairs," another commenter wrote. The fibers keep the formula from looking patchy, and the chubby format makes the filling-in process "fast and no fuss."

The waterproof pencil comes in five shades ranging from blonde to dark brunette (including an "ash" shade for those who'd rather enhance their grays than cover them), and per devotees, its budge-proof status is the last major selling point. An enthusiast who's tried every type of brow gel, powder, and pomade confirmed that it stays put unlike any other product — so much so that a last shopper dubbed it "black magic."

It's worth noting that if you like a soft formula, the Brow Pencil might not be for you (I'll always be a pomade girl, myself). But if you're interested in a stay-all-day way to thicken skinny arches, cover grays, or bulk up your hairline, you can get the Jones Road Brow Pencil for just $22 at Jones Road.

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