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Bite Beauty is the brand that finally made it possible to have both organic beauty products free of harmful chemicals and high pigment, long-lasting makeup. Their latest addition is everything you’ll want for summer—the cult favorite Amuse Bouche Lipstick in a luxe, liquid formula. Their Liquified Lipstick, launching this July exclusively at Sephora for $24 each in 12 must-have shades is crafted with the same food-grade ingredients BITE is known for. With a doe-foot applicator, it applies like a gloss and dries into a semi-glaze finish. We chatted with BITE Beauty Brand Founder Susanne Langmuir about their latest launch.

Credit: Courtesy

A lot of people might not know that all BITE products are actually food grade.

I was inspired to use natural, organic and food-grade ingredients because woman apply lipstick on average 5 times a day - you lick your lips and as a result you eat your lipstick! Natural ingredients contain nutrients and healthy actives that nurture lips with every application and it just made sense to use ingredients that provided rich color, gorgeous texture and healthy benefits!

Women are said to eat over 3 lbs. of lipstick in their lifetime – Did this factor into your formula?

Yes!! If you apply a product so many times per day, why not make it good for you? Cosmetics should never be something we need to worry about!

What was your inspiration for this particular launch of the Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick?

After the success of Amuse Bouche Lipstick, I wanted to create an on-trend satiny lip finish that was high pigment, luxuriously textured, had a delicious flavor and bold color range. The formula for Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick was perfect for this!

Are there key ingredients that you love that are unique to this product?

I’ve replaced the silicones typically used in liquid lipstick formulas with healthy, moisture-rich ingredients like Manoi Butter - a hydrating Tahitian butter that fuses Manoi Flowers with Coconut oil. This creates an incredible texture and high-performance color for lips.

The texture is so creamy and luxurious. Do you think women are moving away from matte?

While matte will always be a key lip finish, trend is making way for moist, dewy and glossier finishes for lips. A little more moisture in the formula amplifies and enhances lips, making them look luscious and healthy.

I love the color range. How did you narrow it down to this edit of 12 shades?

I wanted to create colors that were entirely new and not typically found in other collections.The undertones in Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick are AMAZING - muted, complex and interesting colors that look original and beautiful on lips.