Just in time for the weekend.
Kylie Lip Kit Re-Stock Cover
Credit: JB Lacroix

Kylie lip kit restocks are basically the online version of the Hunger Games. Thousands of people battling each other for one (or like five if you're anything like us) of those Lip Kits. Well this time, maybe there will be enough for all of us as we see the biggest lip kit restock ever. Kylie Jenner shared an update about the Lip Kits on her app saying that every single shade is going to be restocked today at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST.

So, just to be clear all of the matte Lip Kits, the Glosses and the Metals are all being restocked today (that's fifteen options people). Everything tends to sell out pretty quickly but 1) we're giving you a head start 2) this is the biggest lip kit restock ever so the odds are kind of in your favor. Good luck and happy shopping!