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I never hopped on the Instagram eyebrow bandwagon. But feathered eyebrows? The amount of sprout-y, a little messy, naturally full eyebrow inspiration pics in my Instagram saves is slightly ridiculous. And have trial and error, I’ve finally found the product that gets the job done—the It Cosmetics Brow Power Pomade ($24;

Severely underrated, eyebrow gel has the ability to define this important facial feature, making your set appear darker and more prominent on your face. If you’re totally against microblading, this is a must-have.

VIDEO: How to Use Tinted Brow Gel

Brow gel is also like the setting spray of eyebrow products. It locks your eyebrows in a specific style all day. For feathered eyebrows, that means brushed up and a little messy. What I love most about the Brow Power Pomade is that it’s completely clear, so I can etch in my faux hairs with my pencil and then shape them.

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It Cosmetics Power Brow Pomade

The gel, which dries completely invisible, is applied via a small, rather short spoolie that allows you to get super precise with the placement and brush tiny sections up at a time, working your way out. In addition to keeping your eyebrows in place literally all day long (seriously, they don’t move until makeup remover comes out), it also makes the pigment of my eyebrow pencil look slightly more intense.

I brush it on my natural brows when I don’t feel like filling them in to make them appear more striking, and because the formula is enriched with conditioning agents like biotin, saw palmetto, argan, and jojoba oils.

And voilà—I’m one step closer to Brooke Shields-level brows.

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