This One Pencil Has Changed My Mind About Brown Eyeliner Forever

I've once again been proven wrong.

This Pencil Has Made Me Change My Mind About Brown Eyeliner
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In 2012 I bought my first black liquid eyeliner and never looked back. And while cat-flick eyeliner has been my go-to makeup look for almost a decade, the more I work from home, the less makeup I wear, and the more severe black eyeliner looks on the odd occasion I do put some on.

After almost two years of spending more time at home than I ever expected, I find myself gravitating towards subtler looks. This is what has made me finally give brown eyeliner a chance. While I've always considered it pointless because it doesn't bring the drama or definition of a jet black liquid eyeliner, it turns out I'm wrong.

In fact, brown eyeliner is an anomaly because the color looks amazing on everyone and even makes the lashes look fuller. I like to apply a chocolate brown pencil along my upper lash line and slightly smudge it at the outer corner with my finger. The effect makes my eyes pop on Zoom's questionable camera quality.

Sisley Paris' Phyto-Khol Star Matte Pencil in No.2 Matte Tonka is the pencil that has made me reconsider my stance on brown eyeliner. The cool-toned deep chocolate brown is softer than black, but still defines my eyes and the shade compliments black mascara. And while the formula is matte, it's not flat and one dimensional.

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Aside from the color, the actual pencil is extremely user-friendly. It's not chalky, but glides on like a gel pencil, thanks in part to nourishing rosehip oil and vitamin E. The size of the tip is perfect for sketching fine lines or filling in a thicker wing. More so, I have oily eyelids and my liner stays intact all day long.

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Now, what's the catch? This pencil will set you back $59, which probably seems steep when there are drugstore pencils out there for $5. However, Sisley's eyeliner isn't chalky so it glides on even, giving me the perfect line every time. So to me, that's worth it.

The Splurge is our recurring column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are worth it. This week, why we're rebuying Sisley Paris' Phyto-Khol Star Matte Pencil despite the $62 price tag.

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