Bella Hadid Just Wore Her Most Epic Makeup Look Ever

Bella Hadid
Photo: Thierry Chesnot/Getty

Bella Hadid has worn some mesmerizing runway makeup in her day. Anna Sui’s cobalt eyeshadow and the glitter lips she wore to the DKNY show might come to mind, but the look she wore to the Maison Margiela Haute Couture "Artisanal" show is by far the most epic creation we’ve ever seen the supermodel wear—but really.

The makeup for the Paris-based show was led by the legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, so off the bat we know it was going to be something to behold. Models walked down the runway wearing personalized, custom looks featuring things like beached brows, glitter-painted hair, and dynamic headpieces. The one thing that tied them together in uniform, though, was mixed media lips.

McGrath utilized shiny holographic appliqués and metallic silver and blue colors to highlight and complete the crimson red lipstick, of which we assume is from her new MatteTrance collection.

Hadid’s lipstick didn’t feature any appliqués, but instead a piece of jewelry was placed in the middle of her lips, giving off the appearance of a lip ring.

VIDEO: Behind the Cover: Bella Hadid

And if you’ve ever wondered what the supermodel would look like with a blonde bob, now we know thanks to hairstylist Eugene Souleiman. Her short brunette cut was painted gold from roots to tips.

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