Becky G's Treslúce Celebrates Her Mexican Heritage and Latinx Diversity

"I think now more than ever I've really been asking myself what does being Latina really mean to me?"

Becky G’s Treslúce Celebrates Her Mexican Heritage While Celebrating Latinx Diversity
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Any fan of Becky G's knows she's just as much a beauty pro as she is a music artist.

The "Fulanito" singer, who started doing her own makeup early in her career, became the youngest CoverGirl brand ambassador at age 15 back in 2013. In 2019, she had her first collaboration with ColourPop, and it was then that we realized that it was only a matter of time before she launched her very own beauty brand. And so, on June 25, Becky G officially dropped her new Latinx-inspired brand: Treslúce Beauty, an ode to her Mexican-American heritage and her beloved Latinx community.

With new beauty brands launching left and right these days, it's easy to assume that Treslúce Beauty is just another celebrity cosmetic line. But the truth is, this brand is so much more.

Everything from the brand name to the packaging, the colors, the artwork, and even the shade names were all intentionally chosen to tap into Becky's Mexican roots, and authentically represent the diversity that exists within Latinidad.

Earlier this month and ahead of the line's release, we joined a Zoom call with Becky where she shared her inspiration behind the brand.

She also explained how the name Treslúce, comes from the words Tres, which means three in Spanish and luce, which comes from the word lucir: to show off or to shine. It's a word that's often used to compliment the way someone looks.

It turns out that the number three is not only the singer's favorite number, but it's also a spiritual number that represents the connection between the mind, body, and soul. And Becky was very intentional about having the packaging come in "talavera blue," in reference to the talavera tiles used in Mexican decor — plus the products are infused with Mexican blue agave sustainably sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, where her grandparents are from.

So let's get into the specifics of the collection, shall we?

The I Am Palette includes rich and highly pigmented shadows that are each named after some of Becky's favorite English and Spanish affirmations including: I Am Divina, I Am Fuerte, I Am Vibrant, I Am Sol, I Am Hustle, I Am Happy, I Am Light, I Am Bella, I Am Mar, I Am Grateful, I Am Diosa, I Am Poderosa, I Am Unica, I Am Alma, I Am Unstoppable, I Am Passion, I Am Amor, and I Am Resilience. The vivid illustration on the palette's packaging was designed by Mexican artist Monica Loya, something the singer tells us we'll be seeing a lot more of. The palette, which retails at only $30 and is available on, also includes a removable keepsake mirror that's tucked inside along with a personal letter from Becky herself.

Becky G

To shop: $30;

"I think now more than ever I've really been asking myself what does being Latina really mean to me? What is Latiniad? Because for some people I'm not Latina enough and for others I'm too Latina," the performer tells InStyle. "It's a very personal thing that I wanted to share through my passion for makeup. Makeup is a very personal and intimate experience for me. When I'm glamming myself before a show, that's one-on-one time I have with myself. The journey of self-discovery keeps coming back to where I come from. It started with me and my love letter to my heritage, which I think was the perfect starting point. But it's not the end all, be all, which is what's really exciting about Treslúce. Monica Loya is the first Latinx artist, Mexicana artist that we are collaborating with on this collection but she's definitely not the last."

Although Treslúce is a Latinx-inspired brand and an ode to her personal story and Mexican heritage, Becky wants folks to know that everyone is welcome to use and enjoy the line.

The pigments in the eyeshadow palettes are designed to work on any and every skin tone, and the same applies for the Intenso Liners, a collection of cruelty-free and vegan-friendly gel color pencils that come in a wide range of vibrant colors from energía, a bright fuschia pink to cómica, a classic and universally-flattering red. Each liner provides a creamy, smudge-resistant formulation that stays put for hours. Plus, they're ophthalmologist-tested, so they won't irritate even the most sensitive waterlines.

Becky G

To shop: $12;

The Like an Artist Brush Set is the most costly item in this very affordable beauty line, pricing at just $35 for all eight brushes. The eight high-quality and professional fiber brushes are designed with the same gorgeous talavera blue we see throughout the collection.

Becky G

To shop: $35;

To compliment the I Am Palette, Becky decided to also include her Ilusión Premium Lashes, which are available in three dimensional styles: the 3D Sueño, 5D Fantasy, and the 6D Deseo, all designed to serve you with soft, luscious lashes that can last up to 15 wears. There's even the Mi Tesoro Lash Case, designed to safely and carefully store your lashes, as well as the Super Fácil applicator, a dual-ended applicator that allows for easy lash application.

Becky G

To shop: $12;

Becky G

To shop: $8;

Understanding that Latinxs are not a monolith, her hope is that the brand resonates with folks from various Latinx communities.

"To be Latina [is to understand], we all look different — I'm a light-skin Latina," she shares. "You know I have my fair share sometimes in finding the foundation that suits my skin color, but that doesn't compare with my sisters of darker skin complexions — my Afro-Latina sisters and artists that I'd love to collaborate with throughout this brand. I want to create a platform for other artists to be able to share their love story to their heritage. That was the intention of this first reveal of what Treslúce will become one day."

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"I think even within our own culture we're still challenged in some senses on where we're educated when it comes to the difference between ethnicity and race," Becky continues. "Those are two different things but we still seem to get them confused."

Authenticity and intention are the driving forces behind this colorful new makeup brand — and we're hoping more collections follow Becky's lead.

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