MIMI - Becca Powder LEAD
Credit: Courtesy; Time Inc. Digital Studio

From what I can't tell, our collective obsession with glowing, healthy skin isn't going anywhere. My method of achieving skin that is vaguely reminiscent of a mythical creature would typically be a liquid or cream foundation. Well, at least until a few weeks ago when I came into possession of Becca's newest powder foundation. It was basically love at first sight.

What It's Called:

Becca Multi-Tasking Perfecting Powder

How Much It Will Set You Back:

A nice bottle of Sancerre or... $34;

What Makes It Special:

Um, where do I even start? First of all, it's so creamy and blends like a dream. You're going to get a super natural, yet perfected finish. However, if you wanted heavier coverage, you could totally wear it over your liquid foundation to set it. Not to mention, the glow you get rivals the moon.

Who’s It For?

If you like a natural finish and a good glow.

When to Use It:

All the damn time, but I'd argue this is a really good foundation to wear on dates.

What It Feels Like:

Smooth like buttah. It's moisturizing, which is counter-intuitive because #powder. You're not going to feel like you're wearing anything on your skin.

What the Internet Is Saying:

What It Smells Like: