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Raise your hand if it's been a really long time since you've replaced — or even washed — your trusty beautyblender. If you're the type who uses the same one forever because you can't be inconvenienced to purchase another one (their expiration is about three months, FYI), we have some good news for you. Beautyblender is releasing a behemoth 10-pack of the cult favorite makeup sponge this coming July, according to PopSugar Beauty.

The 10-pack includes full sized, black sponges, and the package will cost you $125. If you're running the math in your head, that's $12.50 per sponge, a savings of 40%. Savings aside, the convenience of buying in bulk may be considered a godsend. You can keep on in your gym bag, your overnight bag, at your SO's place, in your travel bag, and have plenty more to spare.