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If you’re unfamiliar with Heart Defensor, here’s your breakdown on the girl who’s about to run your YouTube binge sessions. She’s a lifestyle vlogger with nearly two million subscribers on YouTube. She tackles everything from vampy lips to organizing your makeup stash to honest product reviews. Her latest project, though, is one for the fans, as she’s partnered with Marshalls for a program called PinPals. In the program, Heart was able to pick one of her subscribers and basically bring their Pinterest boards and inspiration to life by shopping for them, based off of their pins.

While starring in a YouTube video with @ThatsHeart has yet to be checked off our bucket list, sitting down and chatting about all things beauty (and double buns) with her was a #MIMIGoal conquered last week, and to absolutely no surprise, we left with more YouTube and hack wisdom than we could have imagined.

Known for her affinity towards beauty hacks, we had to ask Heart about the craziest thing she’s ever seen on YouTube, and if you’re one of those people that like those Dr. Pimple Popper videos, we probably know what you’ll be Googling next.

“The one that sticks out the most is using Elmer’s glue to remove your black heads and white heads. That one is pretty cool. I recently came across that one on Instagram, or was it Pinterest? Basically, it’s adding on Elmer’s Glue on top of your nose and then peeling it after a few minutes and seeing all your blackheads and whiteheads come out—cheap and it works,” she says.

While we don’t think we’ll be trying that one anytime soon without our derm’s OK, we get that it’s probably a strangely satisfying visual. Pore strips give us the same joy, though.

What we will be trying from Heart's beauty repertoire, though? Her thorough nighttime beauty routine.

At nighttime, that’s where it gets really intense for me. I have a whole regimen," she says. She starts by removing her makeup with an oil and then toning her skin. Next, she goes in for SK-II's Facial Treatment Repair C, which sounds like a freaking miracle product. "It kind of plumps my skin, rejuvenates it, also keeps it moisturized," she says. "Then, I go to eye cream and then a night cream for my face to keep it moisturized."

And if you need even more nighttime beauty secrets from Heart, you can rest assured—she way ahead of you with a video on YouTube.

Reporting by Roxanne Adamiyatt