See a Beauty Vlogger's Take on Every Astrological Sign

These looks were written in the stars.

Zodiac Makeup - Lead
Photo: starlit_makeup/Instagram

Astrological signs can explain a lot about a person, from why they're an introvert or extrovert to why they either love or loathe a certain activity. Some even believe astrology can dictate what career suits you best. But one beauty vlogger took her interest in star signs a step farther by literally transforming herself into each member of the zodiac.

Setareh Hosseini clearly put a lot of creative time and effort into executing these looks, each of which is absolutely stunning and totally on the money in terms of depicting the signs.

And here's her take on Sag.

Anyone else obsessed with the Capricorn lip?

She nails the "ethereal" beauty of a Pisces.

Hosseini describes the take charge attitude of Aries.

The Taurus look is fierce.

This is such a smart take on Gemini.

Red hot makeup is perfect for Cancer.

The eye makeup Hosseini crafted for Aquarius slays.

Oh, hi, Leo.

Virgo scores an amazing emerald pout.

And she keeps Libra fair and balanced—true to form.

If only we had noticed this series before Halloween. We would have been all over incorporating these looks into an astrological-focused costume. Time to start planning for next year.

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