You’ve likely heard conflicting advice in this department, so we’re here to offer the ultimate consult and settle this debate once and for all.
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If you don’t think this really matters, think again. Here makeup artist Fiona Stiles sets the record straight: “I always apply foundation first, and here’s why: The level of coverage you get depends on the formula of your foundation,” Stiles says. “If you use a sheer product, you may need more concealer. If you use a heavy foundation, you may not need any at all.”

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And if you’re covering spots or scars, it’s fruitless to conceal before putting on a layer of foundation, as makeup artists have told us that the act basically rubs away the concealer you initially set down.

So buff on a layer of base (try Fiona Stiles's sheer formula) and survey for areas of discoloration. Then dab on an emollient concealer and blend the edges with a brush to diffuse any product lines. #Flawless