Bring on the beauty tools! 
Ashley Tisdale - Lead 2016
Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Ashley Tisdale is already branching out her beauty business. Exactly four months after the launch of her beauty line, Illuminate by Ashley, the actress is releasing a collection of makeup brushes, which is probably the most logical thing ever, if you ask us.

If you follow Tisdale on social media, you know that she's been teasing the news for a while, but we finally have an official release date. These gems will launch on September 29, so if you need to replace your eyeshadow brushes, maybe, just maybe consider your options.

It looks like the set will include eight brushes that should cover most of your makeup needs. There are four eyeshadow/concealer brushes and another four that you can use for your foundation/powder/bronzer. They all have brown and white ombre bristles and the handles are painted in a seafoam green color. They take a pretty pic, don't they?

Tisdale's Illuminate collection includes a whole range of beauty products—a body bronzer, shimmer, two eye and cheek palettes, lip gloss, and cheek and lip tints.

As of earlier this month, you can shop the collection, that was previously available only online, in Tillys.