It hugs my lips, but feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.

This Is the Fluffy Robe of Lipsticks
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Sitting in high-waisted rigid jeans all day isn't my idea of comfy — and neither is wearing a bold matte lipstick. While I love the look of a traditional matte (and respect anyone who gets through the day without getting any on their teeth) many formulas feel tight and restrictive on my lips. Not to mention I'm too lazy to check for smears and do mid-day touchups.

But it turns out that Armani Beauty is on the same wavelength as lipstick wearers like me. The brand's new Lip Power Long Lasting Satin Lipstick offers the same color payoff as a pigmented matte, but with the smooth, slightly shiny finish of a balm.

The formula is infused with oils that nourish and protect lips, on top of providing a smooth, foolproof application. And the teardrop tip of the bullet helps with that, too.

The lipstick comes in 25 shades, including Armani's six classic, cult-favorite reds.

Armani Lip Power Lipstick Review
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To shop: $38;

Pre-pandemic, I was never much of a red lipstick fan, but now that masks are somewhat off, I find myself more and more drawn to the shade. Maybe I'm making up for lost time, who knows. Either way, Armani's Lip Power is 400 is a true, universal red that slides on like a dream, feels like a soft fluffy robe on my lips, and actually stays put. And while the coverage is buildable, I only need to apply one coat to get an opaque finish.

I've drank coffee and it hasn't smudged, and I've thrown a mask on in humid, 90-degree heat and there was barely any transfer when I took it off. More importantly, the color was still on my lips — and only my lips.

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While I begrudgingly find myself wearing jeans more often these days, at least when I'm in the mood to wear a bold lip, it'll feel comfortable. And like a good pair of denim, this $38 lipstick is worth the investment.

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