On top of the good looks? It's customizable. 

By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Sep 23, 2016 @ 1:00 pm
Peter White/Getty

As a rule, eyeshadow palettes are pretty, that goes without saying. When was the last time you saw an eyeshadow palette and you were like, "That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen" and kept on walking? Probably never because they're justplain gorgeous to look at and you probably have dedicated an entire tote to store them. Oh, only me? Still, you get me point.

With that being said, it might seem impossible to label one eyeshadow palette the most beautiful beauty product in the world, but I kinda think Anna Sui just did it with her latest launch.

The designer, who recently left us speechless with the beauty look for her Spring/Summer '17 show, has released a series of customizable beauty palettes, and the packaging looks like something you'd find in a treasure chest. More specifically, the compacts appear as if they are vintage keepsakes your incredibly chic grandmother would pass down to you. When I showed Roxanne in the office, she told me I was never allowed to give it up.


So why a palette? After launching makeup charms, Anna told me it was the logical next step to create a palette that could fit in your bag and hold your eye and lip products. So basically, no choosing between the two. "We came up with that concept so you would be able to carry everything in one container," she says.

So how long do her gorgeous, Instagram-worthy products take to create? You wouldn't believe it...

"I think usually it's about two years in planning. Some products go faster, but in general it's about two years," she tells me.

With this palette, it has a magnetic base, so you can pick what teeny-tiny circles of eye, face, or lip pigment you want to carry around with you.

Personally, I like to keep some shimmery and matte shadows along with Anna's favorite product, 400 Clear Red, in mine!

We'll say it time and time again. The only thing that's better than a product that performs, is one that does its job, looks chic as hell, and obviously makes a solid Instagram prop, too.