Aly & AJ Are Back, Baby!

The pop duo has a new album and beauty partnership they can't wait to tell you about.

Bobbi Brown: Aly & AJ interview
Photo: Courtesy of Bobbi Brown

If "Potential Breakup Song" and "Like Woah" were the soundtrack to your teenage years, the names Aly & Aj are likely all too familiar. The sister pop duo were Disney sweethearts (who could ever forget Cow Belles?) and had their own musical careers going strong during the early aughts. Now, 14 years after their last CD was released, they've launched a brand album titled, "A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet Gets You Out and Then Into the Sun," and are elated to be on tour.

The 16-track record includes hits like "Slow Dancing" and "Pretty Places," and their new releases have a slower, sun-kissed feel. As for being back on the road, Aly & AJ say that being back on tour, and sharing their new music live feels "amazing" and "really right."

"[It's] how it was intended to be made and heard," Aly shares with InStyle over Zoom. "When we went into making the album, we went into it with the intention of really wanting this to translate live and feel like an album that you want to hear in-person."

Since they're touring in a post-COVID world, Aly & AJ say they've downscaled the amount of people on their crew to be as safe as possible. As a result, they're doing their own makeup before going out on stage, and Bobbi Brown is their product line of choice. So it makes sense that they recently inked a deal with the legacy makeup brand.

The duo announced their partnership with Bobbi Brown via TikTok using the hashtag #BBPlaydate, to encourage viewers to play with the brand's Shadow Sticks. And they both wore the product during our interview.

Even over Zoom (and through a low resolution screen) each of their makeup looked incredible — their lids shiny and elegant. So it's easy to see why it's the sticks are their go-to product.

Bobbi Brown currently has 31 shadow sticks, of which Aly & AJ say they own about 22 — their favorites being Mulberry, Moon Stone, Nude Beach, and Mica.

bobbi brown shadow sticks
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Mulberry. Courtesy of Bobbi Brown

For them, the collaboration is a full-circle moment as they grew up watching their mother use Bobbi Brown products. "Of course we freaked out! We were screaming when we heard that the offer had come in," says AJ. "I think for Aly and I, it's a nostalgia thing. I think people feel that way about our music, which is really sweet and we feel this way about this brand."

Speaking of nostalgia, the pop singers have re-recorded three of their early hits for the Bobbi Brown partnership: "Like Woah," "Potential Breakup Song," and a third one that comes out later this year. OG fans love it, and while Aly & AJ say they may possibly re-record another song or two, their main focus is new music.

"I have a lot of respect for Taylor Swift recording her entire discography because it's hard to go back and listen to songs that you made when you were a lot younger because you're coming from a different perspective now as an older adult," she says. "It's not easy, so I don't think we'll ever do that to our entire catalog of music, but songs that people really enjoyed and loved and had a special moment, or we have a special connection to, sure. Why not?"

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Of course, with the return of the duo (and every '00s beauty trend ever), I had to ask if either of them were into any of these revamped Y2K looks. While Aly mentions she loves a good pastel-colored lid and shares that she's been doing a lot of baby blue eyeshadow on tour (with Bobbi Brown Shadow Sticks, of course), AJ loves a dewy look, which she feels is still fairly current.

But there are some looks they'll be skipping this time around. "I respect the [thin eyebrow] trend and I like it, but I would be scared that they'd never grow back," Aly laughs.

"We used to have those glitter sticks that you'd literally roll on your cheeks — that was a '90s kid thing, and that I'm glad it's not around," AJ adds.

Of course, they've learned a makeup trick or two since the '90s, and they attribute that to their many years in the industry — the main thing being blending. They're also big on a few TikTok-popular makeup trends, such as the sunburn blush look (but Aly uses bronzer instead) and placing blush high up on the temples to give your face a lifted effect (this is one of AJ's favorite tricks).

And trust — we'll be following suit for our own summer looks.

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