By Wendy Rose Gould
May 03, 2016 @ 11:00 am
Jonathan Knowles / Getty Images

This past weekend, reddit genius eraser_dust posted to the r/makeupaddiction subreddit with a DIY that'll blow your mind and make your makeup routine a million times easier.

In the title, she writes, "screw rainbow highlighters, I made myself a lazy highlighter + blush + contour combo," and included lots of pictures and the how-to within the post.

Her idea was to create an all-in-one highlighter, blush and contour that you apply to your face in one brush stroke versus the typical amount of steps it takes you to contour and apply blush. With this product, your highlighter apparently gets placed on your upper cheek bones, the blush on your cheeks, and the contour just underneath — all in a matter of minutes.

The directions that eraser_genius provided are very detailed and straightforward, so if you're good at beauty DIY this should be an easy project for you. 


As requested, here's the tutorial on how to make the layered blush+contour+highlight! WARNING: If you're attempting to stamp cute designs onto your pressed product, do NOT use a stamp that's smaller than the pan. I did that and everything exploded out. I only got it right in the 2nd attempt T.T IMPORTANT: Sterilize everything. 1. Place the micas and oxides in separate small ziplock bags. Mix 2 parts sericite mica with 1 part zinc stearate. 2. Mix 1 part mica/oxide with 1 part sericite mica + zinc stearate mix. 3. Mix @tkbtrading's pressing base with the powders until you get this clumpy, wet sand sort of texture. Make sure you add the pressing base drop by drop in so you don't get it too wet. 4. Place in layers in your pan & drown in alcohol. 5. Wait 1-2h until the mixture is nearly dry. To check if it's the right dryness, dip the tip of a tissue on it. If the tissue lifts the mixture off the pan, it's not dry enough. When you lightly press down, this should feel compact and not squishy. If if feels squishy, you may need to add more powder in. I definitely had to. After adding more powder, add a bit more alcohol. 6. To press it, place a tissue (you may need 2-3 layers so it doesn't tear) or a piece of cloth over it, and push down. Make sure you press evenly. If you go to hard in the centre, everything will spill out. 7. Optional step: After you press, you can draw and stamp patterns on it! I used a stamp and a nail dotting tool to get my design!

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"I hope some company mass produces something like this," wrote eraser_dust in the thread. "It makes my morning routine soooo much easier. I just swipe once, blend with a kabuki brush, and that's it!"


Our fingers are crossed for a replication.