Hailey Baldwin’s big sister breaks down her entire beauty routine. 

By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jun 24, 2016 @ 2:45 pm
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

You know Hailey Baldwin, we’re sure of it. Her tattoos (some of which Kendall supposedly designed) make headlines all the time, along with almost every single beauty look she wears. But, let us introduce you to another Baldwin that’s going to inspire your hair and makeup routine. Her name? Alaia, and she’s Hailey’s big sister, who just so happens to also be a model and she'll probably make you want to indulge in some serious eyeliner shopping.

We had the chance to jump on a phone call with Alaia only a few days after her engagement (major congrats on that, btw!) and learned a ton.

The first question was simple: What excites her in the name of beauty?

Alaia told me that she’s really invested in beauty from the inside out.

"I would definitely have to say internal beauty or taking care of myself from the inside out has been my biggest lesson,” she tells us.

A photo posted by @alaiabbbaldwin on May 21, 2016 at 10:42am PDT

Alaia says that over the years, she’s learned a lot about her internal health, and she’s making it a priority.

“….That has to be number one for me—diet, nutrition, doing my own research, and schooling. Because if that stuff isn’t working right, then the rest of you isn’t going to look good or feel good,” she explains.

If you’ve already checked out her Instagram page, you know Alaia is gluten-free, and that’s one way she’s taking charge of her health. Interestingly enough, she’s translated that adjustment to her beauty routine, too.

Alaia tells us that she tries to use gluten-free skin-care and hair-care products. She says she has had great luck with Davines products, along with tarte products. #Same.

A photo posted by @alaiabbbaldwin on May 17, 2016 at 8:50am PDT

In terms of her beauty routine, Alaia says she keeps it pretty simple, using oils and an organic face wash. However, she has a thing for eye makeup, and she’s particular about her black or grey smoky eye, which we can relate to.

So do her and Hailey share the same beauty aesthetic? Nope!

"I think she’s always been a bit more girly,” she says of her sister, Hailey. "I still like to do feminine and girly in a different way. I definitely like more eye makeup. We also have completely different faces, so different stuff looks better or not as good on each of us. I definitely feel like I like to do much more eye makeup, and she likes to do more lipsticks and powders and blush and stuff like that,” explains Alaia.

If you ask us, they both look 100 percent all the time.

And of course, we couldn’t chat about beauty without talking wedding hair, given Alaia’s recent announcement. While she mentioned she’s not quite sure what she’ll pick, she knows what she won't walk down the aisle wearing.

"I would never probably do like some sort of really bad updo," she says.

Um, can’t argue with that!