I'm a Jaded Beauty Editor, and This Eyeshadow Primer Works Suspiciously Well

My eyeshadow did not budge even a centimeter. 

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I’m a Jaded Beauty Editor, and It’s Almost Suspicious How Well This Eye Cream Works
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I am hesitant with color when it comes to my clothing, but makeup is a whole different ball game. I love anything and everything bright and bold, and I mean that pretty literally. I'm not immune to the allure of a good copper or shimmering gold pigment and my most-used eyeshadows are vibrant pinks, sparkly reds, and deep blues. You might think this implies an accompanying list of favorite eyeshadow-primers, but alas, it does not.

My makeup routine is already 10 steps and I have not found an eyeshadow primer that justified adding yet another. That was until I tested About-Face's Shadow Fix Eye Primer because I will try any makeup product once, and this one happens to be made by one of my favorite brands. And wow, I am kicking myself for not using this sooner as it works suspiciously well.

There was one particular day when I had a full 12-hour day of socializing planned. I put on Shadow Fix Eye Primer and I was impressed from the moment it touched my lid. It dried impressively fast, but once it set, that's it — no wiggle room for using your fingers to wipe or clean up your work. However, once I knew its quirks, it was easy to work with and the quick-dry nature played a major role in keeping the product in place for hours on end.

Shadow Fix Eye Primer

Shop now: $13; aboutface.com and ulta.com

When I usually apply liquid eyeshadow, I have to keep my eyelids semi-closed so as not to crease them while the pigment sets, but Shadow Fix dries instantly, making for an easier application. The color also appeared brighter, but the real test was yet to come.

I left the house in the early afternoon with a fresh face of makeup for a packed day of events, and when I returned home 14 hours later and saw myself in the mirror, I gasped. The eyeshadow had not budged or smudged even a centimeter out of place, and the color was as vibrant as when I first left the house.

The promise of eyeshadow primers is great, however About-Face's Shadow Fix is the only one I've tried that makes it worth adding another step into my routine. If this product came from any other brand, I'd be incredibly suspicious of its claims and promises, but being that my love for About-Face's saturated pigments and long-lasting formulas runs deep, it makes sense that it would be the one to wiggle its way into my starting lineup.

To make your eyeshadow last all day, shop About-Face's Shadow Fix at About-Face and Ulta.

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