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Back in the '90s, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was one of the coolest shows on TV. And nope, not because of Carlton's dance moves or Will's antics. Let's face it: Ashley Banks was the true star. Even Drake thinks so. In his 2008 song "Ransom," he raps, "Cash like Johnny, Banks like Ashley." If you're wondering what actress Tatyana Ali is up to today (aside from getting Drizzy shoutouts), look no further than this post. Believe it or not, Ali is currently expecting a baby and planning a wedding.

But wait a minute — before getting ahead of ourselves, let's reminisce about her Fresh Prince days. While her big sis Hillary was known for her signature hats and Carlton and his argyle sweaters, Ashley's look was slightly more simple, but nonetheless amazing. Do you remember her gorgeous curly hair? Sometimes she wore it with bows, other times she rocked hats. No matter what, it looked fabulous. She even made her yellow-and-red hot dog uniform look cool.

Now, here's Ashley Banks all grown up:

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Isn't she just glowing? Aside from the baby bump, she practically looks the same as her Bel-Air days. Her hair is just as pretty (that updo!) and her makeup is on point. Oh, and she hasn't given up acting either. She's appeared on a number of shows, ranging from The Young and the Restless to Key and Peele. Besides that, Ali is a singer, just like Ashley.

Best of all, she still remembers her Fresh Prince roots. Last fall, she reunited with her TV siblings, Karyn Parsons (aka Hilary) and Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton).

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Some things never change, huh?