The Secret Behind Kaia Gerber's Full Brows

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Kaia Gerber is anything but your average teenager. The 15-year-old daughter of Cindy Crawford is well on her way to joining her mom's supermodel status after being named IMG's Breakthrough Model of the year, appearing in fashion ads for Alexander Wang and Miu Miu. Now, Gerber can add beauty campaign to her growing resume as the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty.

And the model does all of this while being nice. At a party thrown in Gerber's honor during New York Fashion Week to celebrate her new Marc Jacobs Beauty campaign, the model didn't hesitate to work the room, thank everyone for coming, and make sure they were having fun as the Hype Williams-directed campaign clip which features Gerber with electric blue winged eyeliner drawn on by Diane Kendal and teased, crimped hair by stylist Guido Palau played in the background.

In-between catching up with partygoers who were a mix of family, friends, and beauty industry pros, Gerber talked Marc Jacobs, the best advice her mom has given her, and why she'll never touch her eyebrows.

Marc Jacobs is your first beauty campaign. Why did you want to be the face of this brand?

I've always known who Marc was and admired his work. I've love how young and playful it is so I couldn't think of a better brand to capture the fact that I am 15. I can still play around with the makeup, but it's also a really respected brand. Marc is also so much fun to be around!

Marc Jacobs always references pop culture moments and trends from various decades in his campaigns. What's your favorite decade to look at for beauty inspiration?

I love the '70s, '80s, and '90s. Tonight I'm really '70s I'd say. Honestly, I feel like I'm meant to be in any one of those eras, especially the '90s with that whole group of supermodels. It's really hard for that to exist now, so I'm jealous that they had this really strong supermodel squad. Social media now just changes everything!

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What has been the best piece of modelling advice your mom has given you so far?

She tells me to basic things to be on time, be nice to anyone—which would apply to any job, really—but just seeing how professional she is, makes me want to be as professional as I can be.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

On shoots you've probably tried out so many looks. What are your favorite current beauty trends?

I love how natural beauty is becoming big again. I have really thick eyebrows, so I love how that's coming in and makes me want to embrace them. I'm inspired by people embracing their feminine power and just being who they truly are, and not afraid to express themselves.

What is your regular brow routine?

I just don't touch my brows! Hopefully leaving them be will pay off so that I still have them in the future.

Since you travel a lot which limits what you can take with you in your makeup bag, what are your go-to products?

I carry the Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème ($28; with me everywhere because it lasts a really long time but it's easy to apply and a powder like Marc Jacobs Beauty's Featherweight Finish Perfection Powder ($48; Since I'm in school basically every day, I kind of go as I am.

As you mentioned earlier, social media has changed everything—especially in modelling. What's your approach to it (you have amazing captions by the way)?

I post what I like because I figure if I like it, then what other people have to say about it won't affect me. As for my captions, I just think of random things. Sometimes I think of them beforehand then I'll take a photo and just be like "oh I'll put it with that." I keep them short, I don't take anything too seriously, and I just have fun with it.

You play guitar and are really into music. What do you love to listen to when you want to get excited for a photoshoot?

I do! To get pumped up for a shoot, I really like playlists with hip hop music like what DJs Simi Haze are playing right now, but I also grew up listening to the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin so there's a mix of that, too.

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