Marianne Mychaskiw
Sep 27, 2017 @ 9:15 am
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Madonna's skincare routine is extra in the most glorious way possible. Madonna is the woman me, you, and everyone you know all want to be. 

If the star's expansive range of MDNA Skin products, available now at, serves as any sort of peek into what's on her own vanity, it's safe to assume that it's filled with high-tech products that deliver serious results. Ever the innovator in music as she is in life, Madonna has found an especially unconventional use for her Chrome Clay Mask ($120; in particular.

"There isn't one product that I don't use on every part of my body. It's a little bit weird," she told reporters at an event launching the brand in New York City. "I'll put the cream on my elbows, I've put the mask on my butt."

Come again now? 

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"Don't you want soft skin on your butt? Don't other people look at your butt? The butt has an audience of one, at least," she responded when asked to elaborate. 

Mind you, this is no ordinary mud mask you can simply rinse off in the shower—MDNA Skin's Mask is infused with ingredients like mineral-rich clay, thermal water, and most importantly, a magnetic coating. Rather than giving your face the skincare ad splash and calling it a day, you need to use the Magnetic Flow Wand ($180; to remove it. Not an easy task by far, but(t) of course, the icon offered up a tip for doing just that as well.

"Ask your significant other to remove it for you. Put it on, you can lay down, he or she can rub your feet while your mask is setting for 7 to 10 minutes," she said. "Then, you can get some magnetic head on your behind."

Hey, if it's good enough for her Madge-esty's butt, we figure it'll work just fine on our face. 

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