By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Nov 22, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
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Credit: mdnaskin/instagram

I can give it to Madonna for getting me through the last mile of a 10K (thanks, “Music”), and I can definitely trace my preoccupation with black lace and red lipstick back to her ‘80s wardrobe choices. But never did I ever think I would be crediting the Queen of Pop with a good skin day. But that’s exactly what happened after I tried MDNA’s The Finishing Cream ($250;, and looked in the mirror to see my complexion glowy and radiant—like I haven’t been chowing down on chocolate and getting a maximum of five hours of sleep every night.

In case you’re unaware, MDNA is Madonna’s luxury skincare line, which just recently launched in the U.S. For the last few years, we’ve only been able to admire from afar or commit to a trip to Japan to try it. What drove me to trying out her Finishing Cream as my intro product was that the brand claims it’ll give your skin the illumination you experience after the most blissful night of sleep. I haven’t been the proud owner of that glow since maybe July (or if I’m being fully honest, 2009), so that was enough to convince me to swap it into my morning skincare routine.

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The MDNA skincare line’s claim to fame is the proprietary ingredient, M.T. Parca. It’s a blend of four thermal waters from Montecatini in Italy, which are said to have hydrating and radiance-boosting benefits for the skin. The Finishing Cream is infused with not only the thermal waters to soothe and hydrate, but also ceramides to restore the lipid barrier (what keeps your skin moisturized for longer), and to top it all off, mica, which imparts a light-reflecting glam to your complexion.

Because of the mica, I decided to use it in place of my morning moisturizer. I took a quarter-sized dollop into my hands, per the instructions, and warmed it up between my palms before applying it to my face in upward motions. Instantly, I saw the glow that drew me to the jar in the first place. I topped it off with a lightweight skin tint and was satisfied. The formula sunk into my skin in seconds, leaving my skin looking dewy and moisturized, or you know, like I just slept for a sound 12 hours.

The reality? It was four hours of tossing and turning and plenty of anxiety, but thanks to Madonna, no one but me ever knew.