This Anti-Aging Cream Works So Well, Shoppers' Smile Lines "​​Practically Disappear"

50-year-olds call it a “powerhouse in a bottle.”

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Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream
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Beauty brands that blend science and environmental awareness are a growing number, but Mad Hippie was one of the first, launching in 2009. The brand bills itself as providing clean, fast alternatives to overwrought routines with a counter-culture, "mad scientist" aspect — and according to middle-aged shoppers, Mad Hippies' Face Cream makes a "big difference" in skin's firmness.

Hyperpigmentation, too, gets the boot from the clean formula — a $26 buy one Ulta reviewer said rivals creams in the $100 range. Others agreed it leaves their skin "plump, smooth, and glowing" thanks to the moisturizer's "simple, clean, but powerful" list of ingredients.

Those include hydrating aloe, two firming peptides, glycerin, niacinamide, plus safflower and argan oil; vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 neutralize free radicals, while antioxidant-wise, green and white tea, acai extract, and resveratrol join the lineup. The latter is particularly a potent anti-ager: A 2021 study found it made skin more elastic and smooth, and a 2019 review detailed the ingredient's power for lightening hyperpigmentation and improving wrinkles.

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Fans attest to the cream's effects: "Noticeably" reduced fine lines, minimal redness, and "super soft, glowing" skin. "Just the difference with hydration and plumpness in my skin overnight is amazing," wrote another user, who dubbed it the first cruelty-free, vegan moisturizer they've tried that actually works well. Another adorer wrote that at 70 years old, they've tried everything — and after two weeks of using the Face Cream, their fine lines have receded and moisture has returned.

Others saw even faster results: Within two days, one person said their crow's feet and smile lines "practically disappeared." The one downside that umpteenth reviewers mentioned? They wished it came in a larger bottle, since just over an ounce of the stuff isn't enough to have on hand. That aside, complaints are far and few between; the moisturizer simply leaves skin smooth, silky, and slightly mattified (those with oily skin especially flock to the product).

In the words of a last 50-year-old, Mad Hippie's Face Cream is a "powerhouse in a bottle." And bonus: If you're also frustrated with the lack of action on climate change, the name "mad hippie" really hits home. If you'd like to try it for yourself, get the formula for $26 at Ulta.

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