By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Sep 14, 2017 @ 2:30 pm
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Credit: Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty

Diana, Princess of Wales—the people's princess, philanthropist, all-around amazing person, style icon, and apparently, quite skilled in the cosmetic lab.

On a good day when we've done something kind for the world, we can only hope we have a little something in common with her, aside from our shared love of Elton John and blue eyeliner. Today, Lush Cosmetics confirmed an additional similarity: Princess Diana was also a fan of the natural brand, so much so, that the Gorgeous Moisturizer ($88; was created specifically for her. Though we can't say we've ever had a beauty product named after us, we actually have a jar of the stuff sitting on our bathroom counter.

Princess Diaan Lush Products 1
Credit: Courtesy of Lush

According to the brand, co-founder Mark Constantine (above) met with her to get a better understanding of the moisturizer she was using, and wanted to create something similar. As a result, the Gorgeous Moisturizer was born, and continues to be a bestseller to this day.

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Perfect for a wide range of skin types, Gorgeous is rich in cold-pressed organic evening primrose oil, which gives your complexion the softest feeling, along with an infusion of orange blossom honey, and extra virgin olive oil for good measure. It has an incredibly lightweight texture, but practically melts into your skin on contact. It's airy enough to wear underneath makeup during the day, but as a night cream, it certainly puts the "beauty" into the term "beauty sleep."

We're still working on that Kate Middleton blowout, but at the very least, we can share one element of our skincare lineup with that of the late, great Princess Diana.