Lucy Hale Gets Real About Cutting Her Own Bangs and Other Beauty Confessions

We'd be lying if we didn't always turn to Lucy Hale for hair and makeup inspiration when we're looking for ideas on how to keep our own looks from feeling stale. The girl knows everything from a sleek bob or poppy red lipstick. It turns out though that even if you consistently churn out killer red carpet beauty moments, you still make a mistake (or two) along the way.

In our beauty round of the party-favorite game "Never Have I Ever", Hale fesses up that she's just like us and has trimmed her own bangs. “I have cut my own bangs,” Hale told us. “This is a funny story. When I was maybe 8- or 9-years-old, I got obsessed with cutting Barbie dolls’ hair. I had these short hairs that wouldn’t grow out, so I actually cut them and then shaved them. And so, for about a year, I just had this chunk that would grow. They weren’t even bangs, and my mom was furious. It was not cute. That’s how I got my start in hairdressing.” Same.

Another confession? She's had some questionable eyebrow moments. (Preach.)

Hit play on the video above to see what else the celeb had to say about fashion regrets, breakovers, wearing wigs, and more.

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