My Go-To Fashion Week Accessory Is a $22 Lash Miracle

Bye, mascara — see you never.

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The Best Thing I’m Wearing This New York Fashion Week Costs $22
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I don't think a lot about my eyelashes. A great gel manicure has always been my beauty investment of choice, plus the occasional foray into Euphoria-style graphic eyeliner. But the world of falsies — which seemed absurdly high-maintenance from the outside looking in — didn't appeal to me until Jenna Lyons, former creative director of J.Crew, entered the space in 2020 with her brand LoveSeen.

Since then, she's turned me from a non-believer into a walking, talking Instagram beauty filter.

I've worn LoveSeen's Jack lashes for several days straight during New York Fashion Week, removing them only to shower and before bed. That wouldn't usually be possible, but thanks to their flexible, ultra-thin bands, these fake eyelashes are a million times easier to apply than the other lashes I've tried. With help from the brand's lash tool, applying glue to the lashes and placing them over my natural ones takes under 10 minutes (and I'm still learning). The finished look offers a subtle yet crucial transformation, one that adds a polished touch to my usual makeup-free face.


You might not know it, but you've probably seen these lashes before. LoveSeen has graced the eyelids of celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Tina Fey, and Hailee Steinfeld, and that list is growing by the day. The brand carries such a wide variety of styles, there really is something for everyone. If you're partial to drama, check out Noor, a choppy layered lash in the perfect jet black. For those with fair skin and hair, there's the light brown Luca, which creates an "eye-opening curl" with lashes in staggered lengths. Even novices have their needs met with the Levi, a short style meant for the outer corner. Each pair of lashes is made with lightweight nylon or a safe, durable plastic called polyethylene terephthalate. No matter which you choose, they should last about 10 uses if worn without mascara.

Prices for LoveSeen's lashes start at $20, which comes to $2 per wear if you do it right. If I'm any proof, these falsies can turn the most reluctant shopper into a bona fide Lash Person.

Love Seen Lashs

Available at Loveseen

Love Seen Lashs

Available at Loveseen, Walmart, Goop

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